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Drove my Chevy to the levy..wait what?
Saw Superbad today...the movie had its moments. Its good to see what our "All Powerful" Caucasian overlords like to do in their grad parties. But these movies are becoming too much of a cliche. Much like Al Pachino's acting has slumped down to loud shouting and oddly over-reacted lines.

Here are some totally random songs I've been listening to lately. Most of them were part of the back-ground music of some movie trailer I watched recently. These are the only things that have kept me sane from the insane week I had recently dodging near misses on Electronics and Thermodynamics Viva board..heh heh.

* I've got to see you again - Norah Jones (Nice going জারজ. You rule..sometimes)
* Kung Fu Fighting -Carl Douglas (quintessential Mano-a-mano battle song)
* Ain't no love in the heart of the city - Bobby Blue Bland
* Moving in stereo - The Cars (Damn, I've finally found one of those songs I heard first on my sister's boombox in the 90s. The other one was probably UB-40s "Red Red Wine". Now those were crap songs. But I've learned to like least for the sake of some neural reminisce).
* Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered - Ella Fitzgerald ( Didn't know Abbu's old LP collection in the feverish store-room had such gold. I've seen some of Abbu's old Cornell pics with those hip 80's bell bottom pants and everything, but damn, he must've been quite a jazzy man himself.)
* American Pie- Don Mclean (This is one good song...too bad about 99% of the world outside US doesn't live the kind of "American" life Don says his "good ole" boys do )

Lets end this with one of my favourite "bar notice(s)" from the heart of the "Cradle of Civilization". The following was taken in front of a Nigerian bar

I wish my life was nearly as naive.

Let me hear you say.....

Awwwwwwww....Yeah. Bring it...

I don't care if there is an armed forces controlled shadow govt behind the current caretaker folks (or not) . I just wanna see wooden stakes, but on those stakes as a complementary decor there should be some politically motivated crook hinies. Blessed art thou.

and on a different note, I just wish all this isn't just another big eye-wash fiasco.

Followup,..just incase you need a password to, here are a bunch

Happy belated birthday to myself :)


Heh..on 26th November, 20 years ago some sucker cried out "Where is my share of the algorithm?" and a very long umbilical cord was cut in a semi-filthy maternity clinic in Mymensingh. Can you guess who it was? No it wasn't White Ninja, it was this wannabe Mechanical Engineer still thriving on hopes of a day when mother marvel will come and grant him three wishes (some of which offcourse include jobs,ladies and Lamborghinis), but unfortunately his country still lay in utter dismay.


Now onto my birthday shiznit. Here is a time table synchronized in chronological order of events, some of them may appear arcane or inadvertent...please don't think otherwise :-


25th Nov, 11:00 pm - Finished watching "The Hunt for Red October" with a friend of mine.

Prior to 26th Nob, 2330 hours: The hailstorm of sms entitled "Happy birthday Dosto" and etc started coming in

26th Nov 12:05 pm: I was alerted of the arrival of several E-cards via my desktop email notifier and the sms-es still continued.

26th Nov, Morning: Ammu and my elder sis said some warm words and yada yada

26th Nov, 9:00am: Went to BUET to attend HUMANITY Course no 106. Our teacher, Mahbub sir is a sorcerer. His ways even makes topics like "Capital and bourgeois strategy" interesting, yay!

26ht Nov, 10:00am: Polapain surrounded me and clamped my hands, ribs etc and demanded to throw them a party...and so I did, but as usually it only included singara, alur chop,piss-coffee (coffee, but only tastes like pee). Big ass birthday parties with presents, props and pompous son-of-a-goons are not exactly of my type.

26th Nov, the rest of morning and noon: Went as usually through C Programming sessional, Corrosion engineering and Wave Mechanics.

26th Nov, evening: My elder sis took us to a restaurant on Dhanmondi (near Rifle's square) which was mistakenly named "Voot". Mistakenly, as there were nothing ghoulish what so ever about the atmosphere or the music being player. When asked "Hey why (the F* are your prices so high) are you playing happy-go-lucky tunes instead of something spooky, and where is the guy in ghost costume we were promised to be scared by?", the answer was " We don't want to spook the customers so early with eerier noises and that guy you are talking about has a shift after 8 at night, so you'll just have to come later...or something". Anyhow, the food was pretty good at least...we had steamed that soup and cattle fish chaow-ming.

26th Nov, rest of the night: Went normally. Heard about the country diving deeper into the abyss on the news, didn't care...yawned, took an Cetirizine tablet (Alatrol) to relieve myself of the headache being cause by the incessant dust particles that roam around our house..and then took a dip into nightmare world...nah, I don't have dreams or nightmares for a looooong time, its usually  a long static message followed by a blip and then everything falls back to darkness.

Cheers..and sorry for the long absence from LJ world.


Today we had a routine blackout (aka Load shedding) of about 1.5 hrs from 8:30pm to 10:10pm. As I had nothing inspirational or productive to do and as the local FM radio stations were playing some excruciating tune where a neo-fascist rock inspired youth band was playing what they though to be "music" but seemed more like pressurized organic gas escaping from your anal cavity (aka ?), I had to though of doing something else . Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of good bangla rock songs and consequently a couple of good bands too :) Although, relentless goddo kobita turned rock songs doesn't inspire me that much, but that doesn't mean a dude wearing "White sole sandals" and "We are bangladesh" wrist band won't love it (those who currently live in BD and are familiar with the cliche I'm talking about, please don't be mad). Wait, wait...I'm getting diffracted from my original course of action...anywho, as I was saying, I had nothing interesting to do. So I decided to search through our huge stockpile of novels and books in the old book shelf with my trusty torch light and came across a gem from 1998, back when I still considered the world and the people living in it to be "good", "glad" and "gelatinous". Its an old old children/adult book called "Chutir Moja", which is actually an assortment of short stories by some of the best writers from west bengal. Back then , there were no such products published in Bangladesh, so we had to buy those imported into local bookstores from India. As I was flipping through the pages old memories struck back, furiously. Whenever I came across a title, the story that followed it appeared in the synapses formed between my neurons. But there was one story which I couldn't remember reading, it was called "Fera" (the return) by Sanjib Chatterji (a writer best known for his farces and comic inspired novels). I assumed that in 1998, the story must've appeared too boring for me to read, but not after 8 years, I knew I had to finish reading it. So I did, and thank lord I did so. It has been quite some time since a story as short as this has struck so deep within me, trembled the basis of my emotions and feelings. I took 4 shots of the whole story in macro mode with my camera, I hope you'll like them. But before reading the actual story, note this, the story will appear especially appealing to those (like me) who were brought up in a suburb, away from the warcry of the cities, away from pollution and population, away from noise and nachos, where every face spelled the words "family" or "friends". Otherwise, if you have spent your childhood in a bustling city listening to stag-horns and hydraulics, then this might not appear to have all that jazz that I predicted it to have.



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Also, things 1) that made me laugh and say 2) Hmm, like whataaatteverrr....pechal/aatlami kom ar kam beshi m'kay (the first 3 comments are mine...and as always I spoke the truth)

Why "Y" does matter, in Bangladesh...'A tale of Bathua, Hathazari and its brethrens"

What does "Y" symbolize? Why is why adored by Bangladeshies everywhere till this date? There is a positive and a negative side to that, lets start with the -ve perspective:

"Y" is the set of chromosome that turns a fetus into, yup you're right a "BOY", and no matter how many social improvements organizations based in new york or gulshan you're subscribed to, that prejudice still exists in Bangladesh. Maybe lavish ball room parties can declare that "We've establishes equal rights for men and women in BD", but in reality its all nada-nada.

Now for the positive side:

"Y" also represents a very distinct person who until recently wasn't even looked at by our o' so talented state and opposition party hired economists. But now all of a sudden, he's on the limelight, and with such grandeur as to blind even the darkest of our society's organic spots. Who is this, umm (k)night in shining armor? Well, here are some hints:

1) He has a russian wife and an extremely talented half-russian daughter.

2) He gives no fuc* for his attires, possibly loathes suits/coats/custom boxers, (although, he is probably the most person who actually deserves to look aristocratic unlike some...). Is comfortable with cross-sectional fashion.

3) He was born in Chittagong (a chatgaiya like me), was a classmate of my dad in Ctg College and also is the son of a "Goldsmith" aka "Shornokar". He is (probably) a product of a small, scrawny place called "Bathua" in Hathazari, Chittagong, which I can bet even Allah has to look for in the yellowpages (forgive me my lord for I'm still on the process of finishing my last fasting days of ramadan) . The now desist brother of his current wife was our "houseowner"

Well, can't guess it? Meh, its none other than Dr Muhammad Yunus, the guy who almost single handedly, well "DID many things"...and best of all HE WON THE DAMN 2006 NOBEL PEACE PRIZE for crying out loud. I don't have the nerves right now to explain what he did (and did not), because I've been on top of those for the last couple of days :) A bangalee? Winning the Nobel peace prize? And not for terminating our cursed race from the face of the earth (which would also be a Nobel prize worth course of action) but instead for the invention of the theory of microcredit and also for transforming the villege women from "dem bitches" to "bou, tomar joma takata chilo boila ajke baicha gelam". My words would probably not suffice to explain the gratitude I have towards this special product called "Y".

But wait, I've more to "show n' tell". I represent to you, the "ULTIMATE SOLUTION TO THE ENERGY CRISIS IN BANGLADESH AS SEEN BY ANOTHER RANDOM CHATGAIYA CURRENTLY ECLIPSED BY SOCIAL EVIL" I give to you, nuclear fission of overweight and absolutely unnecessary piece of junk we term as "politicians". The plan:


God damn... its brilliant.. I see it right before my eyes, an old Swiss bloak, walking slowly to the Nobel Prize briefing stage and saying "This years nobel prize for outrageously ingenious solution to commonly faced problem goes to NAZER UMRAN HUZZAIN"


Also...more and more and much much more about Yunus, I'd probably never be as calm, calculative and simple as he is. He is truly a good chum that still holds the very dirty end of "বাংলা মাতার আঁচল"

Did that last collection of words made me sound shabby and gay? I dunno, I've seen some very interesting stuff lately 1/2

Parabolic colours??
I didn't realize before that my canon A-60 can take real "pictures" sometimes... I'd really love its CCD self dearly from now on. Here are two of my favourite recent shots:


This is what came to my mind while I was busy with the image footer:

I like the way the pair of bangles take a somewhat parabolic curvature in this shot. The crisp colours also add some vibe to the index finger.

And, oh those bangles are part oaf the scrape jewelleries of my 5 yr old niece :) Priced at approx 50-60 tk per pair

PS: Personally I like the latter one :) Do you agree? Those were taken by a very hungry man...hungry for the lords sake that is heh, heh. I sure hope I receive the down-payment in afterlife.

also, ubuntu is fun, but it sure is fucking tricky to get around with. I dunno why a yale grad would adore it so much

Mairer upor oshudh nai..shuddhir chesta britha tai
I had literally forgotten the days when a full 24 hours of my life was spent without a power shortage. Until now that is, heh heh.. For the last 2-3 days we've had no load-shedding. So what turned the so called viciously biased power stations of old Dhaka to become so philanthropic all of a sudden? I'll tell you what, its plain old "Bash in the backside".

The small-factory owners and big-merchandise salesmen of Chawk bazar and Lalbagh area were getting quite pissed off from all the load sheddings being caused specifically in this somewhat underdeveloped/ageing area of Dhaka. They were going through a lot of profit-losses and due to the recent (WTF is recent, its eternal) price hike of everyday goods, the psychological pressure was building up. Now, you tell long can a person hold his bladder pressure without reaching the critical value? Well thats what happened two days ago. The people got furious like never before, took to the streets with whatever they had lying close to their hands (i.e:shab-e-barat er shukna borfi, phuler jharu, telakranto bash ebong random da-kasti) and (almost) beat the shit out of the power-brokers (I like this almost make them sound like share-brokers) and their offices. Since then the power supply to this "otherwise" the most "opaque" place on earth has almost been a straight line pointing to the origin with the equation y=mx.

Now, a little bit of my story. My term final exam in buet have started...and the first one was ME-161 AKA "Introduction to Mechanical Engineering". While I was dreaming how to make myself proud one day by orchestrating the design of a Hybrid Mini VW cooper (this is so damn sexy man), I was force-fed the principle of an ageing mechanical constriction...which sometimes is also called "Boiler" (I hate boilers). Who ever uses boilers these days (I know there are many, but wait lemme gain my gravity on this post), maybe north Korea..but thats it. Also take a look at this baby:


Now, don't say "Wtf is that mama, man?" quite yet. First tell me, how does the word "Psychrometrics." sound? Pretty cool eh...?? Well try solving math problems with one of these babies.. then you will learn. Its because of this chart that rich dudes over in U.S and U.K have controlled thermal atmosphere in their offices/houses and us, 3-rd world centipedes have to spend a total of 3956 gallon of sweat in their average 63-65 years of lifetime for bread and butter (what is that?)

Conclusion: The exam wasn't bad..Infact its was more than what I expected. Better hope for the best.

Also, real life anime rendering in games has been achieved...this is so freaking cool. Too bad, I'll probably never be able to own a next-gen gaming console (or a core duo processor with a better graphics card)

*Update: spellings and links fixed

The midsummer night mis-dreams

First of are some of my favorite flickr flicks under the tag "darkness"

Now for my midsummer night mis-dreams. It happened like 2 days ago or something, I try not to recall the exact moment. We were just recovering from a 5hr long load-shedding (I don't know why, but all the load seems to be concentrated in/around the puran dhaka a result "hell" ensues). I had just started to feel sleepy and had to lay off "Asmani Parda" by Abul Monsur Ahmed (which just happens to be on of my favorite novels). Suddenly, "POOF" the electricity is ঘষেটি বেগম (ghoseti begum) and her infamous betrayal  it seemed luck had betrayed me, once again. It was indeed a restless night, not even a single breeze with the lowest nautical pressure was present, the warmth wasn't "Heart warming", it was more like "do you want your epidermal tissue medium rare or well done?" I couldn't sleep, couldn't turn around, I was sweating not like a pig but almost certainly like a gutted/skinned one (although, for the sake of context, that might be pure blood). I couldn't get out of the Moshari, there were so called arthropods roaming around with blood sucking needles and hoards of fatal diseases. My mind stood astill thinking, "God has a plan for everyone, then I must've been plan-B" (ok so this joke was jacked from an episode of Southpark, what?). I was also trying to sooth my already sweaty-as-coke-on-mentos skin while cursing every single govt official and utility engineer I can think of ; there were tears of joy thinking "Hey probably at this very moment, some current/ex secretary/joint-secretary/his-chakor/chakrani are having a lavish ball/party/marriage/ceremony in Senakunjo with hundreds/thousands of wattage being wasted on lighting and air-condition. Maybe a rich official's uber obnoxious wife is talking about her new wardobe of chinon sarees, maybe some rich dude with a hair like "Lucas Rossi" from Rockstart Supernova is talking about how his (class 8 passed) industrialist dad bought him a new custom silencer for his newly acquired hyundai with nitrous boost"....and so on. Then I though, this is going no where..all this has done so far is to make me even more sweaty and therfore put me in morbid discomfort. I tried to reason with myself and reached the conclusion that there are loads of son-of-a-canine out there currently living a far worse life than mine, so if they can go on being screwed in such ways for so long a time..why can't I? Maybe someday I can create a brain-manipulation chip that would simulate the kind of torture every bangalee has to go through everyday, I can try to implant that on the gray matter of the dudes/dames running this pothole we call "Bangladesh" and then systematically force them to an act of suicide....perhaps then they can get an idea of the fact that "There is not supposed to be any Toyota Escalade on the streets of a third world, there ain't. But in BD there are...and in plenty"


Finally check out psychedelic hallucination videobest SG1/Mac-Gyver prank out there (for the Mac-Gyver fans) and also Whiteninja's wishlist

Damn, Windows Live write (BETA) is hot!!!

I must agree, Windows Live Writer (BETA) is "THE" best remote blogging software that has ever been released, and it integrates so damn smoothly into the livejournal system (as well as numerous other blogging platforms too). WLW clearly replaces any other blogging tool out there as my favourit....

The best thing is that I can write directly into the template!!! Meaning you can see yours posts being written in your blog as they would, leeme give you a screenshot        


Here you can actually see my post being written directly over my LJ template, now how hot is that?? I'll tell you, about the same as 57,000 celcius..the core temperature of Lord Helios.

Download and try it out yourself...remember, M$ is not the same sith lord it used to be

Moger mulluk ar Additional Uppakhan
Sooo.. I haven't quite updated Lj recently...thats because my thoughts were still being plundered by the events at BUET...Yeah, thats right folks. BUET, like all other govt/autonomous institutions of BD, is vulnerable to

1) Student strike

2) Equally mindless and sporadic behaviour by the teaching staff

3) All out brawl, tear gas, rubber bullets, batons, Molotov cocktails etc.

Here's what happened in short,

Student's staged huge procession rallies demanding a 2 weeks delay in exam> Teachers did some "Mirjafargiri" by at first assuring the students of a resolution and then declaring something otherwise > Student went berserk > Teachers went berserk > Nutty Civil Engg Prof who also happens to be the Vice Chancellor (no, not chancellor palpetine..but equally sith-ish..cuz he's an alleged Jamat-Shibir supporter) brought out the police and beat the students mercilessly > Students went haywire and took to the streets unified and wielding whatever they found nearby (eg: lungi jhulanor poles,cricket bats, cardboard doors etc) > A huge "Geeks VS the Shield" battle took place> Many "Stuff" were destroyed > And now BUET has been declared "Sine Die"...never heard of it? Well, it basically means "No more engineering for boys (no buet-girls though, because they are too much of a nerd to come out and play rough...or ride the cars with boys)..Now go try smoking a fatty on the college campus or hang-out by the rag-corner to talk about some random hot engineering rookie."


Now, check this pokemon spoof out. Those who've watched at least one/two pokemon episodes, would definitely find it..umm..quite amusing..

And lastly...a family pic (click the pic for a bigger view)...well, of my family that is...this one shows a dying breed and a 3-rd generation of our family front-runners in one blurry, messy picture (maybe because the "maestro" AKA myself didn't take the pic).. This showcases (From left to right):

Image Hosted by

  • Ammu, the proud mother of four.In the good ole' 60's she was quite a "beautte"..but when cancer strikes and your own cellular-mitochondrias starts to betray..very few can stay as grandiose.

  • Anuva and Anisha (no one's quite willing to give a muslim name to their offsprings these days, thats were the strange syntax come in handy)...two of her grandchildrens...One too cranky and one too busy being feminine ;)

  • Adios.

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